19 January 2021
Intercropping for sustainability

Two-day Conference with AAB, DIVERSify and ReMIX at Reading University

6 September 2021
Organic World Congress 2021

New date! Postponed from September 2020

3 July 2020
Environmental Land Management: consultation reopens

Interactive online seminars throughout July

29 June 2020
Benefits and challenges of herbal or diverse leys

Opportunities for farmer involvement

29 April 2020
Tim Bennett is the new Chair of ORC

Former NFU president takes on chairmanship of Organic Research Centre

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3 July 2020: Environmental Land Management: consultation reopens
Interactive online seminars throughout July

29 June 2020: Benefits and challenges of herbal or diverse leys
Opportunities for farmer involvement

26 June 2020: New resources from OK-Net Ecofeed
New Practice Abstracts and videos

26 June 2020: The importance of our local sheep breeds
How do we encourage people to value heritage breeds?

15 June 2020: Living mulches: The holy grail of no till?
Field lab featured on BBC Farming Today

12 June 2020: Are organic options being side-lined by Defra?
Is the government ignoring the value of ‘public goods’ in organic farming?

11 June 2020: UK pesticide standards could be slashed in new trade deals
Threat to public health and the environment

10 June 2020: Share your views about Organic Farm Knowledge!
Do you know the online platform Organic Farm Knowledge? We would like to hear from you what you think about it!

10 June 2020: Mycorrhiza as green alternative for mineral fertilisers
German Operational Group investigates effective application of Mycorrhiza in the field

9 June 2020: Farmer and growers - what soil inputs do you use?
Survey as part of the Woodchip for fertile soils project

9 June 2020: Farming for nature pays off for organic Wimpole
Nature and soil health are flourishing at the National Trust’s organic farm

4 June 2020: USA farm antibiotic use: a threat to UK standards?
US livestock receive more than five times as many antibiotics as British livestock

29 May 2020: iSAGE Toolbox - How to design it step by step
Safeguard farmers' decision making tool

29 May 2020: Innovative network for promoting pulses as novel protein sources
Case study of the British fava bean food value chain

26 May 2020: EU targets 25% organic land in Europe by 2030
EU Biodiversity andFarm to Fork strategies unveiled

20 May 2020: Alternative approaches for livestock health
Participate in Whole Health Agriculture's 2020 survey and prize draw

4 May 2020: Intercropping and Companion Cropping in Arable Systems
Field lab report from 2019 trials

30 April 2020: The Spring Bulletin No.131 is out!
The Winter issue now available for free download

29 April 2020: Do you know your beans?
Bean farmers needed!

28 April 2020: Richard Sanders
Former ORC employee dies

21 April 2020: Agricology Field Days go virtual!
Agricology partners rally to share practical, sustainable farming techniques in wake of Corona

21 April 2020: Cereal renaissance in the field
The CERERE Documentary tells the stories of the protagonists of this agricultural revolution and cultural rebirth that is taking place in the heart of Europe.

16 April 2020: GM Freeze is facing closure – can you help?
GM Freeze’s work is as vital as ever and needs support

26 February 2020: Organic seed and organic heterogeneous material
Proposal for a toolbox for identification and description of organic heterogeneous material

22 February 2020: Help people to bake a better future, one loaf at a time
The 11th annual international Real Bread Week runs from 22 February to 1 March

21 February 2020: Organic Farm Knowledge
A unique resource with tools for farmers across Europe

12 February 2020: Global organic area continues to grow
Over 71.5 million hectares of farmland are organic

30 January 2020: Soil analysis in organic farming and growing
EIP Soils Technical Guide No.1

29 January 2020: Embedding cultivated diversity in society
Review paper on fostering agroecological transition by a more inclusive management of genetic resources

28 January 2020: Performance and nutritional properties of minor cereals
Responses to rotational position and tillage

26 January 2020: Flock Health Clubs – have they been a successful initiative?
Vets and farmers interviewed as part of iSAGE project

24 January 2020: ORC and Agricology at ORFC
Audio and video from Oxford Real Farming Conference

23 January 2020: Wakelyns Agroforestry: Resilience through diversity
New Wakelyns publication and tributes to Martin Wolfe at ORFC

17 January 2020: Life within Planetary Boundaries, part 2 Agroforestry
New film featuring Martin Wolfe and Wakelyns Agroforestry

9 January 2020: A new era – and another 40 Years – begin for ORC
Message from Mike Turnbull, Chair of Council of Management

8 January 2020: Could willow be the answer to better lamb growth?
New research has shown willow trees could be used to optimise production in lambs because it has particularly high concentrations of cobalt and zinc

7 January 2020: Delivering on Net Zero: Scottish Agriculture
Scotland’s agriculture sector can comfortably reduce its greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 38% by 2045

20 December 2019: The Winter Bulletin No.130 is out!
The Autumn issue now available for free download

6 December 2019: Organic research and innovation priorities
TP Organics launched its new Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda

28 November 2019: Whites Oats win award!
Research and innovation through Organic Arable pays off

27 November 2019: Beyond ‘mainstream’ and ‘alternative’ in organic supply chains
Empirical examples of added value distribution from eight European countries

27 November 2019: Wheat varieties better suited to organic farming
Results from this years field lab trials are in!

26 November 2019: Agrobiodiversity: Success stories in Europe
CERERE book of case studies published

4 November 2019: Calling all UK Sheep farmers!
Survey on breed distribution and management

31 October 2019: Proceedings of the European Conference on Crop Diversification
Abstracts, presentations and workshop reports now online

25 October 2019: Lynbreck: The Movie 2019
Dean Organic Fund recipients on how they spent the loan - and more

25 October 2019: 100% organic conversion - GHG impacts
The greenhouse gas impacts of converting food production in England and Wales to organic methods

24 October 2019: Farmer bursary for European Agroforestry Conference
5th EURAF Conference will be in Sardinia May 2020

22 October 2019: Robust organic livestock systems
NEFERTITI demonstration network

16 October 2019: Land and Soil Management Award 2019/20 call
Apply now! Deadline 31 December 2019

15 October 2019: Integrated Pest Management decision support systems
ADAS lead new online platform for farmers and advisors

28 September 2019: Finding from LIVESEED farmers survey available
What is encouraging or discouraging farmers to use organic seed in the organic supply chains?

27 September 2019: Will Brexit see GM safeguards dead in the ditch?
No place for GM in organic food and farming

26 September 2019: Guidance for the marketing of biodiverse food products

26 September 2019: The Autumn Bulletin No.129 is out!
Summer issue now available for free download

25 September 2019: Organic Agriculture and the Sustainable Development Goals
Organic can be a solution to achieving SDGs

19 September 2019: Crop diversification for carbon-rich grasslands
Mixed grasslands bring multiple benefits to Dutch dairy farm

17 September 2019: The Diversification Cluster web page has been launched!
Six Horizon 2020 projects are working together in the crop diversification cluster

17 September 2019: Organic World Congress 2020– call for contributions
20th Organic World Congress in France, September 2020

17 September 2019: From Seed to Seed films are now online
Educational films on seed production

10 September 2019: Agroforestry benefits natural enemies and pollinators
Evaluating the effects of integrating trees into temperate arable systems on pest control and pollination

2 September 2019: Interactive effects of cover crops and weeds in low tillage
New paper from the OSCAR project

31 July 2019: Best in class
Irish organic farming student wins top prize

31 July 2019: HAWL bursaries
Bursaries offered for three-day homoeopathy courses

29 July 2019: The Agroforestry Handbook
Written for farmers and advisors this book will help you assess the potential business benefits of agroforestry for your farm or client and to understand the possible benefits to the wider environment

23 July 2019: World Congress on Agroforestry 2019 abstracts online
Abstracts, videos, photos, cartoons and more!

22 July 2019: Management and Maintenance of Agroforestry Systems
AFINET silvopasture workshop at Claydon Estate

19 July 2019: Roger Kerr joins ORC Council
Changes to our Council of Management

28 June 2019: The Summer Bulletin No.128 is out!
Spring issue now available for free download

18 June 2019: Vikas Agrawal
Sad news of the loss of our Treasurer

17 June 2019: ORC changes
Statement about the sale of Elm Farm

5 June 2019: Agricology Field Days
Come and see agroecology in practice, with farmers and researchers sharing knowledge and experiences in the field.

22 May 2019: Interview with Martin Wolfe
Listen to Martin Wolfe talk about his background, career and the development of Wakelyns

16 May 2019: Organic farming statistics 2018
Defra releases estimates of the land area farmed organically, crop areas, livestock numbers and numbers of organic producers and processors in the UK

10 May 2019: Agroecological transitions
Five case studies of farmers' experiences published

8 May 2019: DiverIMPACTS webinars
Webinars on crop diversification available

23 April 2019: The Spring Bulletin No.127 is out!

17 April 2019: Formal objection to GM potato crop trial
Plans for new GM crop trial raise objections from leading environmental and farming organisations

17 April 2019: Agroecology and carbon neutrality in Europe by 2050
New french study on reducing greenhouse gases by transitioning to agroecology

10 April 2019: Temporary closure of Elm Farm trail
Due to lambing, farm trail is closed 15 April to 30 June

4 April 2019: Agroforestry implementation workshop
Dartington event looked at barriers relating to land tenure

27 March 2019: Welcome to Stuart Rogers
Interim CEO appointed

25 March 2019: Online knowledge exchange survey
Farmers - how do you access online information?

19 March 2019: Professor Martin Wolfe
Pioneer in agro-biodiversity

5 March 2019: A continued drive towards improving organic animal farming
New book on organic arable farming published

22 February 2019: Innovation for Sustainable Sheep and Goat Production in Europe
iSAGE newsletter No.2 is published

22 February 2019: Soil Farmer of the Year: Simon Cowell
Mark Measures reports from an exceptional Essex farm

15 February 2019: Sharing knowledge and tools for organic farming
Organic Farm Knowledge platform has new design and content

31 January 2019: Nic Lampkin
Nic Lampkin stepping down as Chief Executive Officer

29 January 2019: Soil analysis and management:
Mark Measures Churchill Scholarship report

21 January 2019: What organic farming does for the environment and society
New report from Thünen Institute on value of organic farming

18 January 2019: Organic milk: soil carbon changes, ecotoxicity and biodiversity
New paper on life cycle assessments of organic and conventional milk

18 January 2019: New GM field trials
Defra consultation is open

18 January 2019: Survey on antimicrobials/anthelmintics
Survey aimed at organic inspectors

17 January 2019: Want to improve your farm performance?
Would you like help to review your farm data?

15 January 2019: Make your voice heard on organic seed
Survey extended until the end of February

15 January 2019: Increasing production and use of organic seed
Liveseed booklet published policy recommendations for national and regional authorities

11 January 2019: Yoga with Neeta
Yoga classes on Monday evenings at Elm Farm

7 January 2019: ORC at the Oxford Real Farming Conference
Some highlights from Oxford

21 December 2018: Exchanging knowledge to improve organic arable farming
An evaluation of knowledge exchange tools with farmer groups across Europe

6 December 2018: Improving organic crop production
Major new book includes chapter by Susanne Padel

27 November 2018: NEW – Livestock Survey
Organic-PLUS survey for mapping contentious inputs in organic livestock farming is now online

26 November 2018: The Autumn Bulletin No.126 is out!
Bulletin 125 now available for free download

22 November 2018: Changes at ORC’s Elm Farm in Hamstead Marshall
New share-farming operation

28 October 2018: Our Common Ground
New progress report from the Food, Farming & Countryside Commission

26 October 2018: European Commission extends experiment on marketing populations
Marketing of cereal populations extended until 2021

26 October 2018: Organic pioneer receives first Oak Award
Congratulations to Susie Hewson of Natracare

25 October 2018: Support Amendment 41 on Agroecology to the Agriculture Bill
Please contact your MP to ensure suport for organic farming included in Bill

22 October 2018: Network with other organic farmers for knowledge share
ORC to facilitate more organic farms participating and sharing learning via AHDB Farmbench

22 October 2018: Opportunity to influence AHDB future purpose and priorities
AHDB – Make your opinion re services to organic sector known before 9th November!

26 September 2018: Publication of Agricultural Bill
Public Goods emphasis - but does it go far enough?

25 September 2018: Agroforestry design for livestock and arable farmers
Workshop report from David Rose's Farm

24 September 2018: Agroforestry design workshop for growers
Report from AFINET workshop at Wakelyns Agroforestry

4 September 2018: The Oak Award open for nominations
New award for outstanding contribution to the UK organic sector

17 August 2018: Global assessment of agricultural system redesign
Agricultural sustainability is delivering increases in productivity and improving the environment, and has spread to 163 million farms worldwide

7 August 2018: Dean Organic Fund interest free loans
Second round of applications now open

26 July 2018: Rothamsted Research GM field trial is ruled unlawful
Campaign groups demand action on Camelina trials

26 July 2018: New Genetic Engineering techniques to be regulated as GMOs
European Court of Justice ruling

19 July 2018: YQ and the rise of an alternative grain network
Interview with Kimberley Bell of the Small Food Bakery

16 July 2018: Ticking the anti-globalisation box
Motives for buying local, organic food through English box schemes

11 July 2018: The Summer Bulletin No.125 is out!
Bulletin 124 now available

10 July 2018: World Agroforestry Congress 2019
Call for abstracts is open

18 June 2018: Martin Wolfe receives lifetime achievement award
For services to plant breeding, diversity, the environment and sustainable food production.

11 June 2018: Impacts of conversion to 100% organic management
New research reveals the production impact of a large-scale conversion to organic management in England and Wales

11 June 2018: The benefits of growing sainfoin
Sainfoin experience day

6 June 2018: Agroforestry in England: Benefits, barriers and opportunities
New policy briefing

22 May 2018: Organic farming: new EU rules adopted
New regulation to come into effect 1 January 2021

21 May 2018: Defra release organic farming stats for 2017
Organic land area in UK slowly increasing

18 May 2018: Countryside Stewardship and organic farming
Improving uptake of Countryside Stewardship

16 May 2018: New IFOAM EU President: "New CAP should reward public goods"
Jan Plagge, President of Bioland will replace Christopher Stopes

18 April 2018: New technical guide on dock control
Combining the best methods for successful control

10 April 2018: Health and Harmony – will a Green Brexit deliver?
Make your voice heard in Defra consultation

9 April 2018: Adaptive Management for Forested Landscapes in transformation
IUFRO Conference in Argentina calls for abstracts on agroforestry

5 April 2018: Regional organic action plans across Europe
SME Organics publishes resource manual for the organic food and farming sector

4 April 2018: The DiverIMPACTS project flyer published
Diversification through Rotation, Intercropping, Multiple cropping, Promoted with Actors and value-Chains Towards Sustainability

4 April 2018: The Spring Bulletin No.124 is out!
Bulletin 123 now available for free download

21 March 2018: The UK Agroforestry Network workshops
Reports from the group meetings

15 March 2018: Wonderful woodchip!
Workshop report on practical uses of woodchip in organic horticultural systems

12 March 2018: New organic potato guide
Cultivating quality – step by step

5 March 2018: Co-composting rock phosphate and farmyard manure
First year of co-composting FYM finds leaf phosphate concentration up to 20% higher

14 February 2018: Organic sector booming worldwide
57.8 million ha of organic land - The organic market grows to almost 90 billion US Dollars

13 February 2018: Addressing the crisis for new entrants to farming
Ecological Land Cooperative campaign for donations of land for new entrants to ecological agriculture.

9 February 2018: UK organic market celebrates sixth year of growth
The Soil Association’s 2018 Organic Market Report is out

7 February 2018: EIP-AGRI Brochure Organic is operational
Organic inspiration for European agriculture

18 January 2018: OK-Net EcoFeed launched
New project launched for organic pig and poultry farmers to find solutions for 100% use of organic and regional feed

17 January 2018: Agroforestry innovation leaflets published
Factsheets produced by AGFORWARD on Innovation and best practice

16 January 2018: Challenges of organic arable farming
Free online course on OK-Net Arable

15 January 2018: Organic movement unites against new GM techniques
The global organic food and farming movement calls for the regulation of new genetic engineering techniques as GMOs

10 January 2018: For whom? Questioning the food and farming research agenda
New report from the Food Ethics Council

10 January 2018: Mixing it up: leys, livestock & arable
Farmer-led innovation provides policy inspiration at Agricology field day

19 December 2017: ORC Bulletin 123 on its way!
And Bulletin 122 available for free download

11 December 2017: Soil Farmer of the Year competition
Entries open for 2018

15 November 2017: Organic can feed the world but the food system needs changes
Strategies for feeding the world more sustainably with organic agriculture

10 November 2017: Hydroponics and organic farming
UK fears US decision on organic hydroponics post-Brexit

26 October 2017: Diversity in crop production
ORC Farmer and Business Supporters’ Group 3rd Annual Gathering

24 October 2017: European Symposium on Pollarding 1-3 March 2018, Basque Country
Last minute call for abstracts

23 October 2017: Seeds as commons – key for organic plant breeding
Establishing alternatives to seed monopolies

23 October 2017: Organic Research Centre’s letter to the Guardian
In response to 'Insectageddon' by George Monbiot

20 October 2017: Organic Innovation Days 2017
this year's winners have been selected

17 October 2017: Organic and Low-Input Dairy Farming
Avenues to Enhance Sustainability and Competitiveness in the EU

15 October 2017: Trees and livestock
What is the role of trees and woodland on an upland livestock farm today?

13 October 2017: ORC Wakelyns Population on sale!
ORC Wakelyns Population Winter Wheat seed is available to order from Walnes Seeds

12 October 2017: Agroforestry for growers
Report from workshop at Tolhurst Organics

21 September 2017: Towards farmer principles of health
Developing healthy farming systems

19 September 2017: Underutilised Crops
New Factsheet from DIVERSIFOOD project

19 September 2017: Seeing the bigger picture
The role of regulation in the development of organic food and farming in Europe

16 September 2017: Danish Parliamentary Committee visits ORC
Agiculture, agroforestry, environment and biodiversity on agenda

14 September 2017: New trustees at ORC
Meet the newest members of our Council of Management

5 September 2017: Organic Vision 2030
Organic roadmap to sustainable food and farming systems in Europe

25 August 2017: New Organic Action Plan for England
New Organic Roundtable formed by Defra and the English Organic Forum

22 August 2017: Call for Organic Innovations: Deadline extended to 1 September
Themes: soil quality, livestock systems and Innovation for sustainable diets

16 August 2017: Accelerating the transition to robust potato varieties
Dutch organic sector showing the way

11 August 2017: Tree to Heat: Making the most of on-farm woody resources
Report from Wakelyns Agroforestry workshop

3 August 2017: ORC Bulletin 122 mailed out today
ORC Bulletin 121 now available for free download

2 August 2017: Tree fodder: food for thought?
Does tree fodder have a role to play in today’s livestock farming in the UK?

27 July 2017: Let’s Cultivate Diversity
Gathering of farmers, millers and researchers in Belgium on diverse cereals

27 July 2017: Agroforestry comes of age
Momentum builds towards agroforestry

24 July 2017: Rise in organic sales from Welsh farms
The Organic Centre Wales 2016 producer survey report

20 July 2017: Letter to Michael Gove on Agroforestry
Government asked to support game-changing agroforestry systems

14 July 2017: 'A Matter of Scale' report published
Small-scale, agroecological farms attract UK workers, produce high yields of vegetables and deliver multiple environmental and social benefits

11 July 2017: Team ORC completes the Magnificat
Please support us!

5 July 2017: Demonstrating crop resilience through agro-biodiversity
ORC brings its expertise to NOCC17

29 June 2017: EU Organic Regulation: Provisional agreement reached
Impact on organic operators to be evaluated

23 June 2017: 'Plant teams' may help feed a rising population, researchers say
New project to devise novel cropping systems using 'plant teams'

23 June 2017: Team ORC cycles the Magnificat!
Please support us!

23 May 2017: In-conversion land area on the rise
Defra organic farming stats for 2016 released

15 May 2017: TP Organics: 2017 Call for Organic Innovations
Check out this year's themes & apply!

3 May 2017: Agroforestry Innovations: What do you know?
What would you like to know? Please fill in our short survey

20 April 2017: Innovative Farmers now free to join
Easier access to innovation as membership fees scrapped

19 April 2017: Sustainability of permaculture, organic and conventional farms
Seeking farms for sustainability assessments

13 April 2017: LEADER funding
Grants for rural businesses in Chilterns, Clay Vales and North and West Northamptonshire

6 April 2017: Iodine levels in organic milk showing upward trend
OMSCo study results published

17 March 2017: Multi-agency GM potato objection
ORC joins with others to express concerns over GM potato trial

10 March 2017: Countryside Stewardship opens for 2017
The third year of the Countryside Stewardship scheme is open for applications

23 February 2017: Consultation on breeding techniques
IFOAM seeks comments on position paper

22 February 2017: UK organic market tops £2 billion
Soil Association’s 2017 Organic Market Report is out

17 February 2017: Challenges of organic arable farming
Call for applications for online course

20 January 2017: OK-Net Arable at Biofach
Workshop on farmer-led innovation

16 January 2017: UK Organic Sector backed by EU Funding
Organic Trade Board win funding to promote organic

4 January 2017: The Basics of Soil Fertility
Shaping our relationship to the soil

4 January 2017: Creeping thistle
Successful control in organic farming

14 December 2016: EU agriculture ministers clash over Organic Regulation
Strong disagreement over Organic Regulation review: new start needed.

9 December 2016: Organic Regulation review: we need a new start
Negotiations reach standstill

9 December 2016: ORC Bulletin 121 is at the printers
Spring/Summer issue available for free download

7 December 2016: The organic regulation review has reached a dead end
Either stop the process or start again says IFOAM EU

5 December 2016: Soil Farmer of the Year competition launched for the second year
Sharing best practice and innovation through championing farmers who are improving their soils

5 December 2016: Transitions to agroecological systems: farmers’ viewpoints
New study on the transition process to agroecological systems on farms

30 November 2016: Easier access to information on pestcides and their effects
Important Decision from the EU Court of Justice

28 November 2016: Organic leaders call for a regulation that supports development
Market growth needs to be supported through better implementation of the organic regulation

25 November 2016: Call for sheep and goat farmers
Sustainability assessments, case studies and to test innovative farm practices

23 November 2016: Progress in organic plant breeding
Main achievements from the COBRA project

16 November 2016: No patent on seeds!
EU Commission says plants and animals derived from conventional breeding should be regarded as non-patentable

15 November 2016: Final report from OSCAR project published
Optimising Subsidiary Crop Applications in Rotations

26 October 2016: Organic crop area on the rise in the EU
Organic land area up in all Member States, except the United Kingdom and the Netherlands

24 October 2016: Insights into the needs of sheep and goat farmers in the UK
“We rely on researchers and innovators” say sheep and goat farmers

24 October 2016: Cover crop mixtures increase agroecosystem services
Benefits of cover crop mixtures measures by US researchers

22 October 2016: Consumers in the dark about GM in food chain
A damning new assessment of the UK’s top ten supermarkets demonstrated today just how far GM crops have crept unnoticed into the UK food chain.

21 October 2016: Food and Farming standards consultation
The Soil Association are updating their standards and want your views

17 October 2016: Massive overuse of farm antibiotics continues in Europe
Use of antibiotics in Europe remains more than twice as high in animals as in humans

3 October 2016: OK-Net Arable launches new platform
New European platform for farmers to find organic solutions and exchange knowledge

30 September 2016: £1.5m Glastir Organic scheme to open
£1.5million scheme to support organic farmers and producers in Wales will open on the 17 October 2016.

15 September 2016: Antibiotic-resistant E. coli on supermarket meat
Shocking levels of antibiotic-resistant E.coli bacteria found in UK supermarket meat

8 September 2016: Countryside Stewardship applications to be honoured
Organic conversion and maintenance application this September safe

2 August 2016: ORC Bulletin 120 is published
Issue 119 now available for free download

26 July 2016: Call for Organic Innovations is now open!
Farmers, researchers and companies invited to propose innovative solutions to needs of organic sector

21 July 2016: CAP not delivering the public goods promised
New IFOAM EU/FiBL study

21 July 2016: Brexit letter to David Davis and Theresa May
Brexit Government urged to take control of food, farming and fisheries for public good

30 June 2016: Will Brexit fix it or wreck it?
Nic Lampkin's editorial for the ORC Bulletin

30 June 2016: Daylesford hosts Agricology open day
Thirst for knowledge attracts more than 140 farmers to Agricology’s first ‘Open Day’

13 June 2016: OK-Net Arable: exchanging knowledge, enhancing farming
Update of project progress so far

13 June 2016: APPG uncovers more dirt on UK soils
The UK places little importance on soil, resulting in a worrying lack of knowledge around this vital British asset

10 June 2016: Organic Action Plans
A guide for Stakeholders

6 June 2016: From Uniformity to Diversity
Food systems experts urge global shift towards agroecology

6 June 2016: Cereals 2016:
Looking to a future of sustainable farming with Innovative Farmers

20 May 2016: Organic farmers urge Commission to ban patents on seeds
Dutch Ministry of Agriculture hosts symposium on plant breeders' rights

13 May 2016: Winner of the Soil farmer of the Year announced
Clive Bailye wins, organic grower Iain Tolhurst awarded second prize

12 May 2016: 'Turn your nose up' campaign launched
Turn your nose up at pig factories

12 May 2016: Potato late blight field lab
Innovative Farmers discover benefits of blight resistant potato varieties

10 May 2016: Technical notes on sustainable dairying
SOLID Farmer Handbook published

20 April 2016: New resources on organic protected cropping
Biogreenhouse project suite of publications

12 April 2016: Farmer bursary for European Agroforestry Conference
Grant for 2 farmers to attend Montpellier conference

7 April 2016: ORC 2014/2015 Review of Activities
Improved recognition of organic/agroecological approaches

6 April 2016: Sustainability assessment
Further development of methodologies for sustainability assessment and monitoring in organic/ecological agriculture

30 March 2016: The 'Real Farming' Movement
Permaculture mag podcast from the Organic Producers' Conference

30 March 2016: Cymru Organig Newsletter
The Spring issue of the Organic Centre Wales newsletter is out

24 March 2016: Welsh Organic Producer Survey 2015
Latest survey published by Organic Centre Wales

23 March 2016: Box scheme consumer survey
Consumer food choices and organic food

29 February 2016: Feeding less food-competing feedstuffs to livestock
Impacts on global food system sustainability

25 February 2016: Organic market growth continues
Soil Association’s Organic Market Report reveals growth of 4.9% in 2015

18 February 2016: The global organic market is growing
43.7 million hectares of organic agricultural land worldwide

16 February 2016: Nutritional differences between organic and non-organic milk
New study finds around 50% more beneficial omega-3 fatty acids than in conventionally produced products

8 February 2016: Organic agriculture in the twenty-first century
Organic agriculture key to feeding the world sustainably

18 January 2016: Agroforestry in England
Joint letter to Defra Secretary of State

15 January 2016: Testing the sustainability of organic crop yields and rotations
Project report published

14 January 2016: Organic Farming at Risk from TTIP Trade Deal
Sign up to businesses against TTIP

13 January 2016: Common Ground: ‘a shared vision’ or sharing tools?
Read Lawrence Woodward's editorial for ORC's latest Bulletin

12 January 2016: The role of agroecology in Sustainable Intensification
Four page summary of ORC and GWCT study

6 January 2016: Which tests to use to assess the health of your soil?
An informative overview of the various tools and methods currently available.

5 January 2016: ORC Bulletin 119 is published!
Issue 118 now available for free download

4 December 2015: Soil Farmer of the year competition launched
Sharing best practice and innovation through championing farmers safeguarding their soils

3 December 2015: Agroforestry for growers
Report from workshop at Tolhurst Organic

27 November 2015: AGRICOLOGY goes live!
Major boost for sustainable agriculture as Agricology goes live

22 October 2015: EU research money should be spent on organic farming
ORC co-writes study for European Greens

18 October 2015: Impact of pesticides on invertebrates
New study reports pesticides have a greater impact on invertebrates than climate change

18 October 2015: Living and learning on organic farms
E-learning project for farm volunteers takes shape

16 October 2015: Sustainable agriculture, forestry and fisheries
The Standing Committee on Agricultural Research (SCAR) launches 4th Foresight report

15 October 2015: IFOAM EU response to vote on Organic Regulation
Moving in the right direction with Parliament vote on organic, but obstacles still remain

12 October 2015: New network of Innovative Farmers
Progressive farming partnership launches new network of Innovative Farmers

9 October 2015: Role of hedgerows in supporting soil biodiversity
Organic farmers needed for landscape-scale study

2 October 2015: Using biomass from landscape elements for woodfuel
Outputs from the TWECOM project

2 October 2015: Coordinating organic plant breeding activities for diversity
5th newsletter online

28 August 2015: Changes at Organic Centre Wales
Better Organic Business Links project ends

27 August 2015: FBS Organic Farming in England 2013/14 report
Farm Business survey publishes 2013/2014 report

27 August 2015: Organic Action Plan for Scotland
Have your say in the development of the new Organic Action Plan for Scotland

17 August 2015: How do we manage soil?
Managing soil is crucial. To help develop this innovative knowledge exchange project, we need your input.

31 July 2015: Better Organic Business Links
New website and food manifesto

27 July 2015: A horticultural costings system fit for purpose
New horticultural costings tool for small-scale growers

27 July 2015: ORC at NOCC15
Launch of wheat population, cover crop trials and more!

27 July 2015: IFOAM UK Groups meet at ORC
Latest on EU Organic Regulation

22 July 2015: Best practice for reducing GHG from livestock
Global best practice guidelines for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from livestock

21 July 2015: Organic Knowledge Network Arable
First UK farmer innovation group meeting

16 July 2015: Organic Innovation Days
Call for innovations in the organic sector

14 July 2015: Organic food essential component of a sustainable diet
How the organic food system supports sustainable diets and translates these into practice

8 July 2015: New Organic Farming grants now available
The Countryside Stewardship scheme opened for applications last week with 16 options available for organic farming

7 July 2015: OK-Net Arable for more knowledge exchange in organic farming
EU project aims to facilitate co-creation of knowledge by farmers, farm advisers and scientists

25 June 2015: GM wheat trial fails
Wheat trial failure confirms folly of GM’s sticking plaster approach

17 June 2015: Better Organic Business Links final conference
Report and S4C video clip

11 June 2015: Risk of less harmonised rules for organic in EU
Latest Council compromise on EU organic regulation

4 June 2015: Glastir Organic - key dates
Application window for Welsh organic scheme

4 June 2015: Hamper winner announced!
Daylesford Organic cheese hamper competition winner

28 May 2015: Farm Woodland Forum annual meeting at ORC
Presentations and photos now online

28 May 2015: Cultivating Innovation conference
Video presentation on the marketing of cereal populations

27 May 2015: Farmer and Business Supporters’ Group
Join ORC's new group

27 May 2015: Organic Regulation - going in the right direction
EU Parliament draft report on new reg

21 May 2015: The organic retail market in Wales 2015
New report published by Organic Centre Wales

15 May 2015: How do you assess your soil?
Please share your experiences in this short questionnaire!

6 May 2015: Harvesting woodfuel from your farm
Report from workshop at Wakelyns Agroforestry

20 April 2015: How healthy is your farm?
Please help us with this survey

15 April 2015: ORC Bulletin 118 is at the printers!
Autumn 2014 issue also now available to download

14 April 2015: Biogreenhouse training school
Vegetable diseases diagnostic tools and control methods under greenhouse organic farming

30 March 2015: Mixed grazing best for upland biodiversity
10-year study identifies best upland grazing method for biodiversity

17 March 2015: EC looking for organic farmers and organic farm advisors
Call for farmers and farm advisors to set future priorities for organic production

10 March 2015: Coordinating organic plant breeding activities for diversity
3rd newsletter available online

6 March 2015: Identifying sustainability themes for organic agriculture
Take part in our research by filling out our survey

2 March 2015: Hedgerow harvesting machinery trials at Wakelyns
Photos and videos from TWECOM trials at Wakelyns

25 February 2015: UK organic market shows improved growth
The Soil Association’s Organic Market Report 2015

23 February 2015: European organic market continued to grow in 2013
European organic market grew by 6% in 2013

19 February 2015: Big Farmland Bird Count
Elm Farm took part in the annual bird count

17 February 2015: EU Organic Regulation
European Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan promises a fresh look

12 February 2015: Global organic market continues to grow
Global organic market worth 47 billion pounds

6 February 2015: Blight-resistant potato varieties
New (and not so new) robust potato varieties from the Netherlands

4 February 2015: Successful introduction of new varieties to market
Strategies for market acceptance of new resistant cultivars

30 January 2015: 100% organic feed for pigs and poultry – is it possible?
Report and technical guides on feeding pigs and poultry

27 January 2015: Save our Soils
ORC is a Save our Soils partner

19 January 2015: Organic Data Network reports
Results from the project summarised.

19 January 2015: Reducing GHG emissions from livestock
Global best practice guidelines recently released

13 January 2015: Govt must protect our right to grow and eat GM free
EU vote opens the door to more GM crop approvals

12 January 2015: Cultivating Innovation
Call for abstracts on Intellectual Property in agriculture

6 January 2015: ORC one of '101 Global Food Organizations to Watch in 2015''
Food Tank recognises work of ORC

18 December 2014: Hedgerow harvesting machinery trials
Different techniques for harvesting hedgerows compared at Elm Farm

17 December 2014: Organic Producers' Conference Proceedings online
See videos, photos, presentations and reports from the conference.

12 December 2014: Levy boards seek views on spending
ADHB running a consultation on its corporate plan

12 December 2014: Coordinating organic plant breeding activities for diversity
2nd COBRA newsletter published

10 December 2014: Organic crop yields can be closer to conventional than thought
New study found multi-cropping and crop rotation can substantially reduce yield gap

5 December 2014: Agroforestry in Scotland: Farmers' questionnaire
Researching the barriers to Agroforestry in Scotland

4 December 2014: One-day Seminars on organic food production and supply chains
Series of seminars for farmers, land managers and others

26 November 2014: Name our wheat population!
YOUR chance to name the first marketable wheat population in Europe!

7 November 2014: Impacts of prenatal stress on dairy cows
Dry cow management survey

18 October 2014: 6th SOLID newsletter
Sustainable and organic low input dairying news

18 October 2014: Farm Crap app wins Innovation Award
Mobile manure app scoops prize at Soil Association Conference

15 October 2014: Discounts and bursaries for Organic Producer Conference
English producers eligible for discount through RDPE

11 October 2014: The A Team Challenge
2nd Annual A-Team Challenge offers funding opportunity to food or farming project

7 October 2014: ORC Bulletin 117 is out now!
Summer issue now also available for free download

4 October 2014: Annual Report 2013 published
ORC's Annual Report for November 2012-October 2013

29 September 2014: Organic market strengthens
Growth of UK’s organic grocery market - outperforming non-organic sales in supermarkets.

29 September 2014: Glastir Organic scheme opens in Wales
Window for applications from 1st to 29th October 2014

24 September 2014: SOLIBAM recommendations on seed laws
Policy recommendations for legal aspects of seed certification and protection of Plant Breeders’ Rights and Farmers’ Rights

17 September 2014: Derogations on young poultry and protein feed to continue
Derogations for non-organic pullets and 5% non-organic feed extended to 31 December 2017

12 September 2014: Soil nitrogen increased through greater plant biodiversity
Increased plant biodiversity improves grassland soil quality by boosting its nitrogen levels, even in the absence of nitrogen-fixing plants

10 September 2014: EU must support the development of the organic sector
Key EU policy-makers agree: Organic is a key sector to develop in Europe

13 August 2014: No-till: limited potential for climate change mitigation
The role of no-till agriculture in climate change mitigation may be over-stated

13 August 2014: The energy efficiency of organic agriculture
ORC-led review confirms that most organic crop and livestock systems are more energy-efficient than conventional

5 August 2014: Organic farm incomes in England and Wales 2012/13
Most organic farm types slightly greater or similar profitablity to conventional

4 August 2014: Defra's stakeholder consultation on new regulation
Susanne Padel and Lawrence Woodward report

23 July 2014: Presentations from OrganicDataNetwork
2nd European Workshop of the OrganicDataNetwork in Bari

21 July 2014: Organic optimism and a Royal visit
BBC R4 Farming Today visits Prince of Wales's Food & Farming Summer School

18 July 2014: Prince of Wales visits Food & Farming Summer School
As part of his annual Food and Farming Summer School, HRH The Prince of Wales met with students and farmers at Eastbrook Farm in Wiltshire.

11 July 2014: Smartphone use for agricultural research
Have a smartphone? Take the survey

8 July 2014: Improving the resilience of your livestock systems
Livestock farmers set to discover how trees can grow their business

8 July 2014: Two million hectare shortfall in UK land possible by 2030
Cambridge-hosted industry platform calls for joint action plan with government

1 July 2014: We’re appealing!
Can you help us raise £50,000 by October?

24 June 2014: ORC Bulletin 116 is out now!
Spring issue now available for free download

20 June 2014: Defra organic statistics 2013
Decline in organic land area in UK

16 June 2014: New report on trends in organic farm incomes
Long term trends in the financial performance of organic farms in England and Wales, 2006/07-2011/12

16 June 2014: 5th SOLID newsletter
Sustainable and organic low input dairying news

14 June 2014: ORC’s English Organic Producer Survey Report released
English organic producers are worried about costs but plan to keep going

9 June 2014: Pea and bean crop - nitrogen fixation assessment
Free service offered to UK growers

6 June 2014: Biogreenhouse training school
Soil fertility, Suppressiveness & Water management strategies towards sustainable and productive organic greenhouse agriculture

6 June 2014: Earthworms – Architects of fertile soils
Promotion of earthworms for soil fertility – new technical guide

30 May 2014: Send us a photo of your organic farming family!
Help us mark the International Year of Family Farming

30 May 2014: Bursary funding available for ORC events
Greenham Common Trust fund young people to attend our events

29 May 2014: Glastir Organic – new scheme
Proposed payment rates for organic producers in Wales announced

23 May 2014: Focus Groups on Organic Farming and Protein Crops report
Inspiration to diminish yield gaps in organic farming

23 May 2014: GM foods neither safe nor needed, say genetic engineers
New updated report released

16 May 2014: EGTOP Reports on plant protection and food published
Reports to EC on organic plant protection products and flavourings used in organic foods

16 May 2014: Agroecology (Food Security) Bill: Update
Please lobby your MP to support the Bill

9 May 2014: The Agroecology (Food Security) Bill
ORC supports bill to raise awareness about agroecology

6 May 2014: NATURE highlights farmer-led research
Research designed by and for farmers as crucial to the success of farming

6 May 2014: Survey on young farmers' needs
EC study on the needs of young farmers -deadline 12th May

28 April 2014: OSCAR leaflet published
Optimising Subsidiary Crop Application in Rotations

26 April 2014: Managing hedges for woodfuel
Practical workshop at Elm Farm

25 April 2014: COBRA in Colombia
Henry Creissen reports on the British Council's Researcher Links Initiative

23 April 2014: Legumes in fertility-building leys
Large birdsfoot trefoil, Meadow Pea and White Sweetclover profiled

21 April 2014: Improving resource efficiency in crop and livestock systems
Report from NUE-CROPS and LI-BREEDS workshops

18 April 2014: Tenancy opportunity at Dartington
Opportunity to take on a pioneering farm on Dartington Hall estate

16 April 2014: Sustainability of a small-scale organic vegetable supply system
Market garden and box scheme compared with supermarket distribution

12 April 2014: ORC Bulletin 115 is out now!
Winter issue now available to download

9 April 2014: Homeopathy is back!
Two new implementing organic regulations published

5 April 2014: Groups Object to New UK GM Trial Plan
Say no to GM Camelina trial at Rothamsted

5 April 2014: SOLIBAM final congress
Diversity strategies for organic and low input agricultures and their food systems

29 March 2014: EkoSeedForum - report
European conference on organic seed, organic plant breeding and agro-biodiversity

26 March 2014: Field Lab: Woodchip Compost
Finding alternatives to peat

26 March 2014: Democracy and diversity can mend broken food systems
Final report to UN Human Rights Council

25 March 2014: Towards a new policy framework for organic farming
IFOAM EU response to new organic regulation proposals

25 March 2014: Organics: Commission proposal for 'more and better'
The European Commission has published new proposals for a new Regulation on organic production and the labelling of organic products.

21 March 2014: Winter grazing cereals project
ORC wins funding from Duchy Originals Future Farming Programme.

20 March 2014: ORC at BioFach 2014
ORC staff present at Europe's biggest organic trade fair

17 March 2014: Agroforestry: How trees can work on your farm
Report from workshop held at Elm Farm

16 March 2014: New OF&G chief executive announced
Roger Kerr has been announced as the new chief executive of Organic Farmers & Growers Ltd (OF&G).

13 March 2014: UK organic market returns to growth
Soil Association 2014 Organic Market Report

12 March 2014: MEPs reject draft seed regulation
The Commission's draft text was rejected by 650 votes to 15.

11 March 2014: Agroforestry letter to Defra
26 organisations call for Defra to back agroforestry

7 March 2014: Consultation on the National Pollinator Strategy
Defra consultation opens

7 March 2014: Regenerative Agriculture Courses
Holistic Management Farming & Grazing / Fertility Farming

22 February 2014: Sustainable biogas production
A handbook for organic farmers

18 February 2014: Applied methods in crop physiology
Training school in Denmark May 2014

18 February 2014: Farming 'organically' but not certified?
MSc student wants your views

12 February 2014: New scheme to support organic farmers in Wales
Welsh government statement on future organic support

12 February 2014: The Organic World Needs Organic Leaders!
IFOAM Organic Leadership Course

6 February 2014: STOAS at BIOFACH
STOAS - Assessing sustainability in organic farming

5 February 2014: New EU Commission website on Organic Farming and Production
New content and look for EC 'organic' website

28 January 2014: Evaluation of the EU legislation on organic farming
EC publishes report

27 January 2014: Have your say on HGCA research
Organic farmers opinions requested!

27 January 2014: Cover crops for a sustainable future
Article on OSCAR project

20 January 2014: Organic regulation review
IFOAM EU position statement

20 January 2014: Financial support for organic businesses
Dean organic trust seeks new applications

16 January 2014: Black medic and lucerne
Article on manifold green manures

14 January 2014: Hedge your bets at Elm Farm!
Hedgerow volunteer days

14 January 2014: Research and innovation for commercial smallholders
ORC workshop at the Oxford Real Farming Conference

10 January 2014: Tom Archer feeds silage to pigs
The Archers promotes the benefits of silage

9 January 2014: Evidence for the biodiversity benefits of organic farming
New meta-analysis published

6 January 2014: Farmers guide to biogas
How to implement a biogas project

21 December 2013: Christmas greetings from the Organic Research Centre!
and a Happy New Year!

18 December 2013: Congratulations to Henry!
ORC researcher passes PhD

16 December 2013: ORC Bulletin 114 is now out!
Autumn issue now available to download

16 December 2013: Community Composting courses in January
Community composting for local food growing

3 December 2013: Organic is the way forward for the future of family farming
United Nations International Year of Family Farming 2014

3 December 2013: Facts and figures on organic agriculture in the EU
Latest organic statistics from the EC

30 November 2013: Integrating Science & Policy to Promote Agroforestry in Practice
2nd European Agroforestry Conference

30 November 2013: SOLIBAM 3rd newsletter
Organic plant breeding news

28 November 2013: Don’t tow corporate line on seed: MEPs must protect public good
Seed is too important to leave it to vested interests

26 November 2013: Sustainable Organic and Low Input Dairying
SOLID News no. 4 now available

26 November 2013: Welsh government consultation on organic farming support
Organic support 2014- 2020

23 November 2013: International Symposium on Organic Greenhouse Horticulture
Report from Avignon

23 November 2013: UNEP report on global action to close emissions gap
Agroforestry should be scaled-up says report

20 November 2013: Call for organic research proposals
Pre-announcement of the CORE Organic Plus call

16 November 2013: Dormice at Elm Farm
Dormice confirmed in hedgerows

16 November 2013: Research funds and field labs
Research and field lab proposals invited

13 November 2013: CAP reform consultation workshops
Implementation of CAP Reform in England:

12 November 2013: Preliminary results from Wakelyns harvest
Selecting for straw and grain yield

31 October 2013: Defra CAP consultation
Consultation period opens in England

31 October 2013: Organic production in Wales - the future
Farming Connect and Organic Centre Wales open meetings

29 October 2013: The A Team Foundation challenge
Funding for food and farming projects

22 October 2013: Game-changing research priorities
Presentations to Soil Association conference

22 October 2013: Organic data network
4th workshop of EU project

15 October 2013: Biogreenhouse survey on energy use
We need your data!

15 October 2013: ORC Bulletin 113 is now out!
Bulletin 112 also now online

8 October 2013: Manifold green manures - part two
Alsike and crimson clovers

8 October 2013: European Parliament backs agroforestry
One million euros for agroforestry

1 October 2013: Hands-on-Hedges - Practice meets Policy
Promoting hedges in landscape

1 October 2013: Stricter rules for organic farming demanded
Results of EU consultation

24 September 2013: Breeding blight resistant potato varieties
Dutch perspectives

24 September 2013: UN say 'Act before it is too late'
UNCTAD Trade and Environment report

17 September 2013: Questionnaire for seed companies
Organic market experiences wanted

17 September 2013: Final report on Protected Cropping
EC expert group reports

9 September 2013: Sustainable Horticulture Masters
Martin Wolfe scholarship

4 September 2013: Using legume-based mixtures
Final project report now online

22 August 2013: Plant breeding for diversity
New COBRA project leaflet

19 August 2013: Scandinavian group tours the UK
Growers and advisers visit organic vegetable farms

29 July 2013: Organic research and innovation platform
TP Organics, officially recognized by European Commission

25 July 2013: Wakelyns Agroforestry open day
Reports, photos and presentations from the day

22 July 2013: DairyCo Project
Improving forage analysis

18 July 2013: Woodland grazing
Farm Woodland Forum meeting

15 July 2013: Organic Centre Wales reborn
Work starts on new Welsh Government contract

11 July 2013: Greenhouse gas platform
ORC organises knowledge exchange workshop

9 July 2013: Managing and Understanding Landscape Change
French conference on tools for landscape stewardship

8 July 2013: Holistic approach needed for agricultural research
TP Organics stakeholder forum

4 July 2013: CAP Reform Deal
New opportunity for organic farming?

1 July 2013: Dairy farmers' opinions wanted!
SOLID questionnaire on novel strategies

27 June 2013: IFOAM Organic World Congress 2014
Call for papers September deadline

24 June 2013: Eco-smallholdings in Devon
Planning permission granted on appeal

22 June 2013: Manifold green manures
Sainfoin and birdsfoot trefoil profiled

14 June 2013: Latest GHG Platform newsletter
Greenhouse gas inventory update

7 June 2013: ORC trains European Advisors
Workshop on sustainabilty tools

3 June 2013: SOLIBAM 2nd newsletter
Organic plant breeding news

30 May 2013: CSA survival report published
Key factors for CSA success in Wales

27 May 2013: Third SOLID newsletter
News on the latest dairy research

23 May 2013: Hedgerow survey volunteers needed
Enthusiasm, boots and natural history knowledge required!

20 May 2013: CORE Organic research seminar
European organic research projects brought together

17 May 2013: Copper-free farming in Europe
First newsletter published

14 May 2013: Funds to plant trees
New scheme targets organic farms

19 April 2013: Seminars with Iain Tolhurst
1-day practical sessions on organic farming

18 April 2013: UK consumer reactions to organic certification logos
Are they willing to pay more?

13 March 2013: Proceedings of the 2013 Evolutionary Breeding Symposium
Event looks at decentralized & diversified plant breeding

15 February 2013: SOLIBAM Sustainability Assessment meeting
Sustainability tools can identify areas for on-farm improvement

11 February 2013: EC launches public consultation
Opinions wanted on review of EU organic regulation

10 January 2013: Latest low input dairy findings
2nd SOLID Newsletter

7 January 2013: OSCAR's First Newsletter
Emerging results on couch grass

3 January 2013: Sustainability indicators from financial data?
Researchers publish report on possibility

31 December 2012: Sustainability training for advisers
ORC and IOTA participate in international initiative

19 December 2012: 13 ORC conference bursaries available
Agricultural/horticultural student, apprentices, trainees invited to apply.

17 December 2012: ORC Bulletin 111 published
Winter 2012 issue has been released...

10 December 2012: Hedgerow browsing survey
Do your cattle browse hedges? Tell us about it!

6 December 2012: SA Soil Symposium report
Coventry event generates fresh ideas

3 December 2012: Conference detailed programme available
Includes most speakers and presentation titles

19 November 2012: New report on soil biology
Managing soil biota to deliver ecosystem services

15 November 2012: Diverse swards for dairy herds
Farmers meet to see opportunities

12 November 2012: Organic policy study published
Swiss organic support effectiveness evaluated...

8 November 2012: Successful Organic Days in Cyprus
ORC contributes to EU research and policy event

5 November 2012: PRN membership launched
Join ORC’s Participatory Research Network now!

1 November 2012: EU support for agroforestry grows
EURAF conference gains support from EU Parliament...

29 October 2012: ICOPP project meeting held
EU researchers review progress at FAI Oxford farm...

25 October 2012: ORC Bulletin 110 published
Autumn issue features tree forage, earthworms...

26 September 2012: IFOAM Animal Husbandry Conference
Successful event concludes in Hamburg

22 September 2012: ORC Agroforestry PhD student wins prize
Alexa Varah best presentation at young researchers’ conference...

18 September 2012: Agroforestry around the world
Stephen Briggs’s Nuffield tour report published...

14 September 2012: Public goods paper published
ORC- developed farm appraisal tool focus of publication...

6 September 2012: OCW holds Welsh CSA event
Networking opportunity in BOBL project

3 September 2012: GHG action plan delivers
Committee on Climate Change supports initiative

31 August 2012: IOTA Nutrient Budgeting Workshop planned
October event to examine nutrient budgeting tools...

28 August 2012: European STOAS project starts
New project supports advisor sustainability training

23 August 2012: Research needs and priorities survey
Have your say on organic/agro-ecological research...

22 August 2012: Organic policy evaluation published
DG Agri commissioned report reviews EU support...

27 July 2012: SOLIBAM congress challenges breeding approaches
ORC’s Sally Howlett and Martin Wolfe attend Rome event...

25 July 2012: ORC launches £100k funding appeal
Publication of 2011 annual report shows what can be achieved...

23 July 2012: OSCAR cover crops project starts
EU FP7-funded project to develop improved cropping systems...

18 July 2012: Bulletin 109 published
New ORC Bulletin features apples, baking quality, E. coli, policy support and yields...

16 July 2012: Reading student agro-forestry project
Help sought from farmers interested in agroforestry...

13 July 2012: Organic Farm Incomes report published
2011 report shows organic farming maintaining similar profitability levels to conventional...

11 July 2012: IOTA Agro-forestry Workshop
Stephen Briggs’ Whitehall Farm to be focus of event targeting trainers and advisors...

27 June 2012: Bio-economy must include agro-ecology and public goods
ORC’s Susanne Padel takes a critical look at the EU’s research plans...

24 June 2012: UK organic statistics meeting
ORC to host July meeting to improve organic market data...

20 June 2012: Rio +20 Global Sustainability Summit
ORC to attend and report from Rio +20 this week...

19 May 2012: GHG Action Plan reports progress
Agricultural industry’s action plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on track...

16 May 2012: ORC benefits from charity software deals
Charity Technology Exchange provides invaluable support for ORC’s IT development...

13 May 2012: Organic farming beneficial for climate change
FAO-sponsored RTOACC hear evidence on organic farming’s impact at ORC...

11 May 2012: Growers to breed own seeds
OGA workshop looks at approaches to on-farm breeding of open-pollinated seeds

2 May 2012: Transatlantic Partnership makes food connections
ORC joins US food campaigners, researchers and students in debating future food systems...

30 April 2012: SAC-SEPA conference on valuing ecosystems
ORC researchers present research outcome to Scottish conference.

27 April 2012: Prince’s Charity to support organic development
ORC to participate as lead research partner in SA programme

24 April 2012: FAO releases new Sustainability Pathways website
Organic farming, sustainability assessment and other project and conference initiatives included...

22 April 2012: EU Organic Congress debates CAP reform and organic regulations
Susanne Padel presents results of organic farming policy study

13 April 2012: Seed exchange networks
ORC contributes to review of novel approach to biodiversity conservation...

10 April 2012: ORC Bulletin 108 (Spring 2012) published
Featuring ORC conference report, biodiversity in agroforestry systems, on-farm lettuce breeding and much more...

6 April 2012: SOLID on-farm dairy research workshop
On the 3rd May, producers are invited to get involved with ideas and projects...

29 March 2012: TAP Food Connections conference
Transatlantic Project ends with Maine conference...

26 March 2012: Healthy agriculture – new ORC project
What does healthy soil, plants, animals, people, environment really mean?

7 March 2012: Legume workshop highlights benefits of mixtures
IOTA’s event proves popular and inspiring...

2 March 2012: CERTCOST recommendations published
Key recommendations on improving organic certification systems now on-line...

28 February 2012: New ORC eco-agroforestry publications
Two review papers by ORC researchers are published on-line...

25 February 2012: Organic crop breeding book published
ORC’s Thomas Döring and Martin Wolfe contribute chapter on pest and disease management...

22 February 2012: 1st Solibam Stakeholder Congress
Rome event to debate role of diversity in low-input and organic systems...

19 February 2012: IOTA to merge with ORC
ORC to focus on supporting all advisors and trainers and to end its commercial Organic Advisory Service...

16 February 2012: Reduced tillage project needs you!
The TILMAN-ORG project is asking producers to join survey of reduced tillage and/or green manures...

13 February 2012: European organic market data network started
ORC part of EU-funded project to improve market data availability...

10 February 2012: What is plant health? New ORC-led publication
Research paper led by ORC’s Thomas Döring and Martin Wolfe reviews the philosophies underlying plant protection...

6 February 2012: European Agroforestry Federation (EURAFF) established
ORC joins as a founding member of EURAFF at Paris meeting in December 2011...

3 February 2012: OCW loses core funding
Welsh Government cuts funding for Welsh OCIS and OCW core activity.

31 January 2012: New publication on climate change and plant diseases
ORC’s Thomas Döring has contributed to a recently published review paper on the impact of climate change on plant diseases.

27 January 2012: Agroforestry workshop explores integrating top fruit and arable
Cider growers and arable farmers met at an ORC workshop on 14th December 2012 to discuss benefits of mixing trees and crops...

24 January 2012: Reducing organic top fruit copper use – new ORC project
In January 2012, a new EU-funded project “Innovative strategies for copper-free low input and organic farming systems” (Co-Free) started at ORC...

12 January 2012: Free farm visits for (O)ELS participants
In autumn 2011, Natural England launched a new service of one-to-one farm visits to help farmers in Entry Level Stewardship (ELS) get the most out of their agreements...

9 January 2012: Plant virus control review paper published
ORC’s Thomas Döring reviews the potential and limitations of epidemiological approaches for virus control...

4 January 2012: Miguel Altieri to address ORC conference and London audiences
Prof. Miguel Altieri of Berkeley University, California, will address several UK audiences in a tour of the UK from 17-19th January 2012...

28 November 2011: ORC submits evidence on CAP Greening to EFRA Select Committee
ORC has been continuing its engagement with CAP Reform issues, submitting evidence to Parliament and updating its website...

25 November 2011: Portuguese develop new organic action plan
ORC’s Nic Lampkin attended a conference on a future national policy for organic farming in Lisbon on 18th November, marking the start of Portuguese organic week...

23 November 2011: IFOAM EU conference on resource efficiency and food security
ORC’s Susanne Padel attended the IFOAM EU Group’s conference in Brussels on 9th November 2011...

21 November 2011: First Solibam newsletter launched
The first newsletter of the EU-funded research project Strategies for Organic and Low-Input Integrated Breeding and Management (SOLIBAM), has been published...

17 November 2011: New guide to farmer experiences with homoeopathy
Homoeopathy at Wellie Level have published a new guide...

14 November 2011: New reduced tillage research project starts at ORC
In September 2011, the Organic Research Centre began work on a new project – “Reduced tillage and green manures for sustainable organic cropping systems”...

13 November 2011: Results of Potato Virus Y study published
One of the most serious diseases of potato is caused by Potato Virus Y (PVY)...

7 November 2011: Bulletin 106 (Autumn 2011) published
The Autumn issue of ORC's printed Bulletin has been published hot on the heels...

31 October 2011: ORC 2010 Annual Report published
ORC's annual report...

27 October 2011: CAP Reform proposals mean big changes for organic from 2014
ORC researchers today present to OCW’s Welsh Organic Conference...

24 October 2011: Does nature know best? New ORC research paper published
In an article published in the on-line journal Sustainability on 17th October 2011, researchers at the Organic Research Centre review the advantages and disadvantages of evolutionary plant breeding...

20 October 2011: Feeding non-ruminants organically – new project started at ORC
On 1st October 2011, a new project “Improved contribution of local feed to support 100% organic feed supply to pigs and poultry” started at ORC...

17 October 2011: EU Court of Auditors back organic as agri-environment scheme
In a report critical of many Member State agri-environment schemes, the European Court of Auditors has backed organic farming recognising...

8 October 2011: New window for Welsh Organic Farming Conversion Scheme '12 Opens
Information about new window for OFCS applicants.

2 October 2011: Lower Prevalence of Antibiotic Resistance
A study published this month in Environmental Health Perspectives has found lower antibiotic resistance on newly organic farms compared to conventional farms in the US...

16 August 2011: Participatory Research and Demonstration Network Launched
The Organic Research Centre’s Participatory Research & Demonstration Network was launched at Abbey Home Farm...

9 July 2011: Elm Farm Organic Summer Festival
900 people came down to Hamstead Marshall on Saturday 9th July to the Elm Farm Summer Festival...

8 July 2011: German speaking reviewers wanted!
We are looking for German speaking reviewers with experience in Organic Farming for the evaluation of the German Organic Farming Research Programme (BÖL).

28 May 2011: Organic Research Centre seeks new Chair of Council of Management
Open vacancy

25 May 2011: Food riots vs. land of milk and honey 2.0
Summer Academy

25 May 2011: E-Learning Course on Sustainable Food Systems
Are you interested in an international, interactive and online discussion on what sustainable agriculture, food production, distribution and consumption should look like and how we can deal with the upcoming issues of water scarcity, climate change and population growth?

12 April 2011: English OCIS closed at the end of March 2011
The provision of information and free on-farm visits under the Organic Conversion Information Service in England ended on 31st March 2011.

24 March 2011: Scientific evidence supports the use of crop diversity
A review paper published this month (Mar 2011) found “overwhelming” evidence that diverse plant communities are more productive than simple monocultures.

8 March 2011: Biodiversity studies confirm organic benefits
OCW has published a review of the scientific literature on the biodiversity impacts of organic farming.

4 March 2011: RELU Scale Summary Report
SCALE does matter. Organic farming delivers the goods.

24 February 2011: Agroforestry Survey
If you are a producer you can now take part in our short online survey on the extent to which UK producers currently use the woody components on their land.

27 January 2011: Bulletin 103 published
The new issue of the ORC Bulletin has been published...

14 October 2010: Government closes ACOS
The Coalition Government has today confirmed that...

29 July 2010: Recognition of Sacrifices and Commitment
On Friday 16th July, Bernward Geier, former Director of IFOAM, presented ORC with ...

1 January 2010: An IOTA review of organic research
The series of IOTA Technical Leaflets provides a summary of the key practical farming recommendations arising from organic research...

Call for Papers and Workshop proposals

14 September 2009: Organic farming conversion scheme opening in Wales
The Welsh Assembly Government has announced the opening of an Organic Farming Conversion Scheme. Farmers will be able to apply to join the scheme between 15 September 2009 and 30 September 2009.

14 September 2009: It’s not rocket science
Groundsel found in packaged rocket in Germany

19 July 2009: Making the low carbon economy work
Technological and economic initiatives alone will not be enough to bring about the radical change needed to combat runaway global warming...

10 July 2009: Opening of new conference and education facilities
This summer at The Organic Research Centre we are very pleased to announce...

9 May 2009: Swine Flu mutates again as complacency grows
There have been warnings this week from business leaders against complacency about swine flu. Although the UK’s Chief Medical Officer has ...

20 February 2009: Warm praise from Farm Commissioner
EU Farm Commissioner Marian Fischer Boel has made clear her own enthusiasm for organic farming and organic regulation at the 20th anniversary Biofach exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany...

16 February 2009: The return of set-aside
Cash for farmers to leave land uncultivated as wildlife habitat (set-aside) is on its way back into UK farm policy. Farmers themselves are to be asked to...

12 February 2009: Go to work on an egg - with confidence
Good news at last for hard pressed egg producers – organic or otherwise. A University of Surrey team has declared that most people can eat as many eggs as they want without damaging their health. The researchers analysed...

5 February 2009: Surrey FMD report - any lessons learned?
The Government has accepted all 26 of the main recommendations made by Sir Iain Anderson on the response to the Surrey 2007 outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD), says the Environment Secretary Hilary Benn. Sadly, there still remains a dismal lack of focus by Government and Ministers on the use of preventative vaccination for ...

30 January 2009: Bluetongue update
Bluetongue serotype 1 (BTV-1) has now spread across France as close to the UK as Brittany...

15 January 2009: Movement or market debate at ORC 2009 conference
An impressive gathering of farmers, producers and advisers (over 180 in total) assembled at the Organic Research Centre Producer Conference 2009 at Harper Adams University in Shropshire - January 6th and 7th - to discuss a range of technical and policy matters. Where are ...

26 September 2008: Movement or market?
An impressive gathering of farmers, producers and advisers (over 180 in total) assembled at the Organic Research Centre Producer Conference 2009 at Harper Adams University in Shropshire - January 6th and 7th - to discuss a range of technical and policy matters

25 September 2008: The end of pesticides in the EU?
MEPs have voted in the European Parliament to tighten the EU rules on pesticide use...

20 September 2008: Barbarians at the gate:
Comment from ORC on idea of organic holidays

19 September 2008: Bulletin 92
Bulletin 92

15 September 2008: New edition of OFMH 2009
The eighth edition of the Organic Farm Management Handbook comes out in challenging times

13 September 2008: Feeding the World Conference success
The QE2 Conference Centre in Westminster (November 12th 2008) saw over 130 delegates and speakers in hot debate about the failure of GM crop technology to deliver anything on the promises of twenty years ago. In stark contrast speaker after speaker pointed to agro-ecological approaches (including organic agriculture) as extremely attractive sustainable farming and food options, especially in a world fast running out of oil.

8 September 2008: Organic to blame for hungry Africa
Anti organic speech from Sir David King – let them eat GM.

9 June 2008: Taking the pulse of organic animal health
ORC Organic Animal Health Colloquium

21 April 2008: Brave new world of sustainable cereals
The future focus of European cereal production will be on low input (possibly organic) systems which deploy genetically diverse crops through either varietal mixtures or composite cross populations. These crops will contribute to a multifunctional agriculture.

10 March 2008: Bulletin 91

20 January 2008: Bulletin issue 89

20 January 2008: Bulletin issue 90

25 August 2007: Bulletin Issue 88
Bulletin Issue 88

22 August 2007: Bulletin Issue 87

8 May 2007: Sheep Scab Defeats Organic Production?
An animal health crisis is threatening the future viability of organic sheep production in the UK.

13 February 2007: Bulletin Issue 86

13 February 2007: Bulletin Issue 85

13 February 2007: Bulletin Issue 84

13 February 2007: Bulletin Issue 83

13 February 2007: Bulletin Issue 82

9 August 2006: Battling on for Avian Flu preventive vaccination
Article from EFRC's Bulletin issue 84

20 July 2006: Vaccination Nation
House of Commons hears EFRC analysis on

: Bulletin 102 published
The new issue of the ORC Bulletin has been published...