23 October 2019
Soil nutrient management

A workshop with Mark Measures

21 November 2019
Agroforestry event in Melton Mowbray

A Win Win for Farm productivity and the Environment

15 October 2019
Integrated Pest Management decision support systems

ADAS lead new online platform for farmers and advisors

28 September 2019
Finding from LIVESEED farmers survey available

What is encouraging or discouraging farmers to use organic seed in the organic supply chains?

21 March 2019
In adversity, what are farmers doing to be more resilient?

Opportunities, barriers and constraints in organic techniques helping to improve the sustainability of conventional farming


ORC Stakeholder Consultation

2 July 2019

York Grounds, near to Hull, East Yorkshire - 5pm

ORC is undergoing a period of change and developing a new strategy for the future. As part of this we are reviewing our role and setting new priorities. We have pledged to engage with as many of our stakeholders as possible. As part of this we will be holding a Stakeholder Consultation at 5pm on 2nd July on the site of the National Organic Combinable Crops event (NOCC19) and would like to see as many of you as possible who might be attending. The plans for the meeting are:

  • Update you on our current situation
  • Identify what has been delivered and what has been valued by you in the past.
  • Determine your requirements of ORC going forward.
  • Investigate where funding from our work might be found and how you might help with this. These discussions will be invaluable in informing the development of our future strategy.
We really do need you to help in the development of our future and hope that you can attend. If so please RSVP to Gillian Woodward.

If you cannot participate in the meeting but would like to provide us with information on some or all of the points above, please send your responses to Gillian Woodward

Also see Statement about the sale of Elm Farm

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