24 April 2019
Arable intercropping and variety trials

Field lab meeting at Roundhill Farm, near Swindon

5 June 2019
Integrating Farming and Forestry

Farm Woodland Forum annual meeting

17 April 2019
Formal objection to GM potato crop trial

Plans for new GM crop trial raise objections from leading environmental and farming organisations

17 April 2019
Agroecology and carbon neutrality in Europe by 2050

New french study on reducing greenhouse gases by transitioning to agroecology

21 March 2019
In adversity, what are farmers doing to be more resilient?

Opportunities, barriers and constraints in organic techniques helping to improve the sustainability of conventional farming


Integrating Farming and Forestry

5 June 2019

to 6 June 2019

The Farm Woodland Forum 2019 Annual Meeting, on the theme of Farm Forestry Integration, will be held at the SNH Conference Centre at Battleby, Perthshire, on 5th and 6th June.

For more information and to book go to www.agroforestry.ac.uk/node/9/

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