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31 July 2019
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21 March 2019
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Agro-forestry workshop in South Devon

9 September 2010

10.15am to 5pm

A workshop for farmers, growers and advisers.

This is a unique opportunity to meet with the UK leaders in agro-forestry research and practice. Come and see the work of the Agro-forestry Research Trust and discuss whether agro-forestry is a viable option for you.

This workshop is run by the Organic Systems Development Group (ORC) facilitated by Mark Measures (Organic Adviser) and will involve: Martin Crawford (Agro-forestry Research Trust), Martin Wolfe and Jo Smith (ORC Wakelyns Agro-forestry) and Stephen Briggs (Whitehall Farm agro-orchard).

The workshop will include:

  • A visit to the Agro-forestry Research Trust hosted by director Martin Crawford www.agroforestry.co.uk
  • A review of the work of Wakelyns Agro-forestry by Martin Wolfe and Jo Smith
  • Discussion on the opportunities for the commercial application of agro-forestry.
  • Case study

The event will cost 10.00 per head to Organic Systems Development Group delegates and 45 per head to all others, to include lunch.

Further details and a booking form will be available shortly from Sarah Jameson iota@organicadvice.org.uk or 01547 528 546

We are grateful to the support of the Dartington Hall Trust in hosting this workshop.

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