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Final report from OSCAR project published

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15 November 2016

The final report of the OSCAR project has now been published.

The overall objective of the project OSCAR was to be of use for, and improve sustainability in low- input, organic, and conventional farming systems. The research built on centrally planned multi- environment and long-term experiments on living mulch and cover crop based reduced tillage systems and detailed research on system management optimization, technology improvement, soil ecological services, and dissemination.

OSCAR, 2016. Optimising Subsidiary Crop Applications in Rotations, Final report. 39. pp. Available at: http://cordis.europa.eu/docs/results/289/289277/final1-final-report-complete.pdf

Also read article in ORC Bulletin 120 Spring/Summer 2016 Developing new cropping systems based around cover crops, catch crops and living mulches for use in low-tillage agriculture

For the cover crop and living mulch toolbox see: www.covercrops.eu

Keywords: living mulch cover crops minimum tillage

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