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Organic food essential component of a sustainable diet

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14 July 2015

How the organic food system supports sustainable diets and translates these into practice

A paper recently published in Frontiers in Nutrition explores the potential of how organic food production and consumption systems can contribute to sustainable diets. ORC Director Nic Lampkin was one of the authors of the paper, which concludes that the consumption patterns of regular organic consumers are close to the sustainable diet concept of FAO and that in further developing the concept, the role of organic consumption is an important topic to be addressed. Organic production systems are well established and well-defined and cover environmental aspects, animal welfare standards, and food quality as well as health issues. The organic food system puts the land (agri- cultura) back into the diet; it is the land from which the diet in toto is shaped. Therefore, the organic food system provides essential components of a sustainable diet.

Strassner C, Cavoski I, Di Cagno R, Kahl J, Kesse-Guyot E, Lairon D, Lampkin N, Løes A-K, Matt D, Niggli U, Paoletti F, Pehme S, Rembiałkowska E, Schader C and Stolze M (2015) How the organic food system supports sustainable diets and translates these into practice. Front. Nutr. 2:19. doi: 10.3389/fnut.2015.00019

Keywords: consumers health sustainable diet

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