31 July 2019
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31 July 2019
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21 March 2019
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Big Farmland Bird Count

Category: News
19 February 2015

On Thursday 12th February ORC staff and volunteers met at Elm Farm bright(ish) and early to take part in the GCWT 2015 Big Farmland Bird Count. Jo, Sally, Meg, Bob the Birder (Can he spot it?) and Ali counted 21 species of birds at Elm Farm, which is a similar number to last year. More unusual species included a greylag goose, and the most abundant, a flock of 15 redwings.

  1. Wood pigeon
  2. Pheasant
  3. Magpie
  4. Greylag goose
  5. Canada goose
  6. Rook
  7. Crow
  8. Great tit
  9. Blue tit
  10. Greater spotted woodpecker
  11. Redwing
  12. Jackdaw
  13. Wren
  14. Starling
  15. Mallard duck
  16. Kestrel
  17. Robin
  18. Raven
  19. Blackbird
  20. Song thrush
  21. Herring gull
Keywords: birds biodiversity

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