5 June 2019
Integrating Farming and Forestry

Farm Woodland Forum annual meeting

2 July 2019
Trees and Livestock - Buckinghamshire

Agroforestry Innovation Network Meeting

16 May 2019
Organic farming statistics 2018

Defra releases estimates of the land area farmed organically, crop areas, livestock numbers and numbers of organic producers and processors in the UK

10 May 2019
Agroecological transitions

Five case studies of farmers' experiences published

21 March 2019
In adversity, what are farmers doing to be more resilient?

Opportunities, barriers and constraints in organic techniques helping to improve the sustainability of conventional farming

5th SOLID newsletter

Category: News
16 June 2014

SOLID is a European project on Sustainable Organic and Low Input Dairying financed by the European Union.

The Fifth SOLID newsletter includes:

  • Welfare assessment in organic and low input dairy cow systems
  • Agroforestry: integrating livestock and trees by Jo Smith
  • New SOLID Colleague (Kostas Zaralis)
  • Presentation of small and medium enterprises in SOLID: CABRANDALUCIA
  • Brief News from SOLID

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Keywords: dairy agroforestry welfare

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