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Pea and bean crop - nitrogen fixation assessment

Category: News
9 June 2014

Crop researchers based at the James Hutton Institute, are offering a free service which quantifies the nitrogen fixation capacity of pea and faba (broad or field) bean crops. The assessment, which involves minimal sampling of less than 10 plants per field, will determine the actual quantity of nitrogen which the pulses obtain from air, as this represents the efficiency of their nitrogen-fixing ability. Samples of root nodules will also be needed. This free assessment is offered to growers throughout the UK, but especially to those cropping peas and beans close to and around the arable Scottish north east. For more information or to take part in the survey please contact either euan.james@hutton.ac.uk, or pete.iannetta@hutton.ac.uk, as soon as possible.

Keywords: nitrogen fixation

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