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Survey on young farmers' needs

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6 May 2014

The closing date is Monday 12th May.

The survey is part of a European Commission study to identify the needs of young farmers and at the same time review agricultural exchange schemes for young farmers. The study aims to understand the most pressing issues that young farmers currently face. We would like to encourage young organic farmers to respond to this survey, to ensure a strong organic representation.

As part of the study, they are collecting feedback from young farmers (under the age of 40) in a number of key areas based on questions to:

  • Identify the needs of young farmers and the main problems they face;
  • Identify what the knowledge and training needs are of young farmers;
  • Identify the main information sources used by young farmers;
  • Identify young farmersí views towards exchange schemes.

The aim is to assess the needs of young farmers in terms of their personal situation and the context in which they farm, and the kind of knowledge and training required by young farmers. The consultants also wish to collect information about the overall attitude of young farmers towards exchange programmes, farm visits and other forms of knowledge transfer.

For more information, and to complete the survey, click here

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