31 July 2019
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31 July 2019
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21 March 2019
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EkoSeedForum - report

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29 March 2014

European conference on organic seed, organic plant breeding and agro-biodiversity

The EkoSeedForum - European conference on organic seed, organic plant breeding and agro-biodiversity" was held recently in Poznań, Poland (20-22 March 2014). "The conference aims to support the development of an independent organic plant breeding and seed production sector in Central and Eastern Europe," said the vice chancellor of the University of Poznan, Grzegorz Skrzypczak, in his opening speech. Bernhard Jansen, managing director of the main organizer EkoConnect - International Centre for Organic Agriculture of Central and Eastern Europe e.V., stressed that it was about far more than just the supply of seeds for organic farming: "Seed breeding is about nothing less than our future. Because we are to some part what we eat, and we eat what we sow". Seed diversity must therefore remain a common property and should not be subjected to the economic interests of a few corporations. Read more here

Keywords: breeding biodiversity seeds

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