5 June 2019
Integrating Farming and Forestry

Farm Woodland Forum annual meeting

2 July 2019
Trees and Livestock - Buckinghamshire

Agroforestry Innovation Network Meeting

16 May 2019
Organic farming statistics 2018

Defra releases estimates of the land area farmed organically, crop areas, livestock numbers and numbers of organic producers and processors in the UK

10 May 2019
Agroecological transitions

Five case studies of farmers' experiences published

21 March 2019
In adversity, what are farmers doing to be more resilient?

Opportunities, barriers and constraints in organic techniques helping to improve the sustainability of conventional farming

Greenhouse gas platform

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11 July 2013

Delegates at GHG knowledge exchange workshop

ORC organised and ran the third Greenhouse Gas Platform Knowledge Exchange workshop in Birmingham in June. The event provided an update on progress within each of the Platform projects and provided an opportunity to question the delivery teams. In addition the day gathered participant feedback on a range of methods for reporting the uncertainty associated with scientific data relating to GHGs from agriculture and provided an update on progress within each of the UK’s GHG Action Plans for Agriculture. More on ORC’s involvement here or contact Laurence Smith

The latest version of the Defra Greenhouse Gas Platform Newsletter is available for download. This provides an update on the Defra funded project improving the accuracy of the UK agricultural greenhouse gas inventory. Over the past 6 months highlights have included the completion of literature reviews investigating the efficacy of a raft of mitigation measures and the application a novel ‘closed-loop’ method for improving the accuracy of field scale nitrous oxide emission measurements.

For more information and to download a copy of the newsletter click here

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