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ICOPP project meeting held

Category: Research
29 October 2012

Improved Contribution of Local Feed to Support 100% Organic Feed Supply to Pigs and Poultry (ICOPP)
Nearly 30 delegates from 15 institutes across Europe came together 9-10 October 2012 on partner and trial site FAI Farms, Oxford, to catch-up, plan and discuss the ICOPP project. Becky Nelder and Bruce Pearce from ORC were there.

We were given very interesting updates on how current trials such as feeding algae and mussel shells are going. We learned how all the samples of novel feeds being used in the project will be analysed and evaluated; the results will provide directly comparable data that feed mills and farmers can use to formulate diets.

The next major task in the project is to find out what we can produce in the way of organic feedstuffs, what we are importing and where from. This information will be combined with each country’s general feeding practices and number of animals to give a picture of the level of self-sufficiency we have in Europe. Collecting this data is going to be a big task and will require lots of help from industry experts, if you would like to contribute please contact Becky Nelder, we need help from big and small players alike – all help gratefully received!

Keywords: ICOPP monogastric pig poultry feed range

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