10 May 2017
Tree fodder: food for thought?

Does tree fodder have a role to play in today’s livestock farming in the UK?

22 June 2017
Agroforestry 2017

Improving productivity for farmers and foresters

20 April 2017
Innovative Farmers now free to join

Easier access to innovation as membership fees scrapped

19 April 2017
Sustainability of permaculture, organic and conventional farms

Seeking farms for sustainability assessments

1 February 2017
The future of UK organic support

Defra minister announces continued support post-Brexit

Dr. Beth Cullen

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Email prefix: (add suffix @organicresearchcentre.com)
Postal address: Elm Farm, Hamstead Marshall, Newbury, Berkshire RG20 0HR

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Selected publications

Baker, T. J., B. Cullen, L. Debevec and Y. Abebe. 2015. A socio-hydrological approach for incorporating gender into biophysical models and implications for water resources research. Applied Geography 62 (2015), 325 – 338.

Snyder, K. and B. Cullen. 2014. Implications of sustainable agricultural intensification for family farming in Africa: Anthropological perspectives. Anthropological Notebooks, 20 (3): 9 - 29.

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