23 October 2019
Soil nutrient management

A workshop with Mark Measures

21 November 2019
Agroforestry event in Melton Mowbray

A Win Win for Farm productivity and the Environment

16 October 2019
Land and Soil Management Award 2019/20 call

Apply now! Deadline 31 December 2019

15 October 2019
Integrated Pest Management decision support systems

ADAS lead new online platform for farmers and advisors

21 March 2019
In adversity, what are farmers doing to be more resilient?

Opportunities, barriers and constraints in organic techniques helping to improve the sustainability of conventional farming

Business and markets strand

Market overview

How is the market doing and how can we improve the data available to producers?
Chair: Susanne Padel (ORC)

Funding new entrants – new opportunities for financial support (ORC)

Vincent Mears

Small-scale producers, including many new entrants to farming and growing, face challenges raising finance because of their lack of track record or sufficient scale to reassure lenders of financial viability. In many cases, small-scale producers are also not able to access government grants. However, other funding options are becoming available.
Chair: Simon Crichton (Triodos Bank)

The bread line – exploring food pricing (LWA)

The age of cheap food has increased both food security for the poorest people in our society and the disposable income for everyone else. But does the cost of food today even reflect the true cost of production and how do we balance farmers’ rights to earn a living from sustainable agriculture with everyone’s right to affordable food?
Chair: Rebecca Laughton (Landworkers’ Alliance)

Small is adaptable (LWA)

There is a belief that in hard economic times, small farmers have the edge over larger ones because they are more flexible, have lower costs and have less capital invested in specialist systems. Using the findings from the ‘A Matter of Scale’ study of small farm productivity, Rebecca Laughton will scrutinise the argument, followed by a presentation from Ashley Wheeler of Trill Farm Market Garden, providing an example of a small farm that has adapted to marketing opportunities in a coastal area.
Chair: Rachel Harries (Soil Association)

The challenges of securing organic supplies in a growing market (ORC)

The session illustrated with practical examples how cooperation has helped a retailer to find solutions.
Chair: Bruce Pearce (ORC)

Summary of strand