31 July 2019
Best in class

Irish organic farming student wins top prize

31 July 2019
HAWL bursaries

Bursaries offered for three-day homoeopathy courses

21 March 2019
In adversity, what are farmers doing to be more resilient?

Opportunities, barriers and constraints in organic techniques helping to improve the sustainability of conventional farming

Livestock strand

Crops meet livestock (IBERS/SRUC)

This workshop explored the benefits and barriers to mixed farming emerging from recent EU-funded projects and discussed how mixed farming might be supported through research in the future.
Chair: Pip Nicholas-Davies (Aberystwyth University)/Christine Watson (SRUC)

Market opportunities for livestock sector (ORC)

Marketing of organic and pasture-fed beef and lamb is challenging, with very low or non-existent premiums and significant proportions of certified product still sold as conventional. However, some producers have succeeded in breaking through to new markets. Can their experiences stimulate new thinking on how to address the challenges?
Chair: Jonathan Brunyee (PFLA/RAU Cirencester)

Practical approaches to positive health planning in livestock (IOTA)

Healthy animals perform well; they will have high disease resistance as well as the absence of disease. We will discuss practical methods for the development of healthy livestock and the management of disease.
Chair: Peter Savidge (OMSCo)

Different feeds for improved production (IOTA)

Increasing the productivity and quality of feeds is essential for successful cattle and sheep nutrition; this workshop will focus on farmersí experience of new techniques.
Chair: William Waterfield (FCG)

Sheep breeding and health (ORC)

The session aimed to delve inside existing knowledge and innovative farm practices to facilitate deployment of sustainable parasite control strategies.
Chair: Kevin Harrison (National Sheep Association)

Summary of strand