21 November 2019
Agroforestry event in Melton Mowbray

A Win Win for Farm productivity and the Environment

3 December 2019
iSAGE training course and workshop

Innovations to improve sustainability in the sheep and goat sector

4 November 2019
Calling all UK Sheep farmers!

Survey on breed distribution and management

31 October 2019
Proceedings of the European Conference on Crop Diversification

Abstracts, presentations and workshop reports now online

21 March 2019
In adversity, what are farmers doing to be more resilient?

Opportunities, barriers and constraints in organic techniques helping to improve the sustainability of conventional farming

Policy post-Brexit strand

Latest EU organic regulation developments and future options (ORC)

The discussions over a new EU regulation have been continuing for several years with a poor (even possibly no) result in sight. Why was it needed? What has been achieved? Could we do a better in a UK framework post-Brexit, or should we stick with the EU regulation in the long-term to facilitate international trade?
Chair: Roger Kerr (OF&G)

Developing Organic (ORC)

Certification provides a critical underpinning for the market for organic products, but is this enough? Should we be considering new models that encourage certified businesses to explore all options to deliver sustainability and other goals, building on minimum standards as a foundation, not a ceiling?
Chair: Lawrence Woodward (ORC)

Developing Organic: Stephen Meredith, Markus Arbenz
and Lawrence Woodward

Shining a light on the supply chain and looking at export opportunities (OTB)

The workshop set out to look at UK food chain challenges and potential solutions post-Brexit. Opportunities for growth domestically and globally have never been better. However, despite growth in the established market the UK lags behind in farm production, retail sales and export. How can we strengthen the British organic base to ensure we are food secure whilst taking advantage of global market opportunities?
Chair: Adrian Blackshaw (OTB)

Public benefits of organic farming (ORC)

Organic food production has clear environmental benefits recognised through EU support for organic conversion and maintenance. But the details of these benefits are often poorly understood, by producers, policy makers and the general public. How can we ensure the achievements of organic producers are properly recognised and supported?
Chair: Joy Greenall (Cow Hall organic farm)

Which way forward for UK agriculture now? (ORC)

Since the referendum there has been a whirlwind of proposals from different organisations on what the priorities for future policy should be. While many share common perspectives, some have disagreed strongly. We asked the NFU and RSPB to present two different views of the future of UK agriculture.
Chair: Peter Melchett (Soil Association)

Summary of strand